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The Ultimate Guide To Wine

Pair with chicken, cheese, crab, guacamole and chips and salads. After-dinner options: Dessert wines hold longer than a typical cabernet or sauvignon blanc; ice wine, madera and sherry are recommended for your after-dinner refreshment needs. Lastly, below is a quick crash course on the very basics in the world of wine and food:. For a classic pairing, pack chardonnay to sip with cheese, salami, crackers and fresh fruit.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy and tends to be semi-dry and great for lighter dishes and casual days.

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Champagne, meanwhile, is sparkling wine from Champagne, France, and is made with very strict rules and regulations. For celebratory events, Champagne is a great choice and typically made in a dry, brut style.

Wine Pairings

It was first published on this website in August and is presented in its original form. Rapid-fire pairings: Big, bold red wines: pair with short ribs or meat with more marbling. Sauvignon blanc: pair with a crisp salad with fresh vegetables like tomato and corn.

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Your guide will lead the way to the heart of vineyards, known for its red and white wines and breathtaking scenery. Visit two wineries, sipping and swirling Zilavka and Blatina, and tasting homemade specialties. On the way to the wineries you will make a short photo stop.

Over 30 vines have been planted on the rocky red soil, covering 7 hectares of the land. The climate in Herzegovina, along with the stony soil and sun, provides perfect conditions for the growing and cultivation of the best grape varieties, with Brotnjo leading, where the best Herzegovina vineyards, famous for its grapes and wine for centuries, are situated.