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They excite hypervigilance and sensitivity, making you more acutely aware of your body and your partner with the whip.

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And it manages to wink at you while sounding breathlessly earnest. It might look as if the bondage contract overturns feminist goals of equality and independence for women. Mr Fifty Shades with his sex toys and sympathy is really just to be cute the First Mate on this kinky voyage. Like a conventional romance, that is, this one boosts self-esteem by lavishing freedom, wealth, comfort, protective love, and motherhood on an average gal.

Making it with Christian becomes a way for Ana to really make it. Ana gets as they say to have it all. If that sounds too pat and too good to be true, there must be more going on. And sure enough. For one thing, this is equal opportunity wish-fulfillment. And he too shares in the triumph, since he gets to be a Pygmalion helping to form Ana, his Galatea. Think of it this way: at the start Ana is like a teenage girl worried about being forever average. If you doubt this, look again at the contract.

Remember, the contract orders her to lower her eyes around Christian, let him spank her and dictate her sleep habits, food, and dress.

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True, but this is when you notice that Christian is as nurturing and protective as a mother. No matter how buff the heroes may be on the front cover, eye patch and biceps turn into maternal nurture by the last page. Following Nancy Chodorow, Radway points out that boys grow to marry a version of mum, whereas girls have to leave mum behind.

Women who become addicted romance readers multi-volumes a week , Radway concludes, are making up for that empty spot. The characters cope by substituting a contract that uses bondage to create bonds and spell out every move. What appears to be self-abandon and the discovery of some hidden authentic you turns out to be a device for loosening of inhibitions, so that the partners can learn to enjoy the intimacy that romance assumes was in them all along.

In a time of modern anxiety about love and mating, the contract in the novel takes us back or out into the world of arranged marriages, in which families negotiated the future well-being of two young strangers and kin. Conventional wisdom has it that sometimes such contracts actually worked, with intimate bonds and merriment to match.

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Of course Romeo and Juliet warn us not to take any such thing for granted. But in Fifty Shades the plot gratuitously gives the sex partners a happy ending.


Nobody has to put up with suffering, hilarity, and hard work to wise up. The contract is a basic tool of good business sense, but it also skirts the hassle of dealing with living personalities. The movie will hit the theaters next Valentines Day. You could be excused for wondering if signing the contract doesn't make us more childlike. This is an indication of how much the novel and its readers want to stay enchanted. In this sense the kinky contract is disguising not only mum, old traumas, and the stork, but also the shadowy role of that other parent, Father Time.

This essay is Part Two of two parts.

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I think you're reading way too much into it. I think it's just the influence of violent, hardcore pornography seeping down into popular culture. Your decision may 19, ghostwriter? Their professional screenwriter.

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