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And fish tanks. The bit in Spore where you're a single-celled creature working up the food chain was essentially an interactive screensaver, but still one of its best parts. Flow is basically that on its own. You're a microscopic wormy creature gobbling up plankton-like blobs: eat a blue one and travel to an ocean plane one shade lighter, eat a red one and travel to a deeper blue.

Creatures one level over are always visible and as you shift, the outline of a ray three times your size might suddenly stop being a blur and become an orange threat ready to eat you. Then Flow stops being a peaceful interactive screensaver, abruptly becoming a game about the circle of life.

Drop a pellet and one of your guppies either eats it and grows, or doesn't and turns belly-up.

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At the basic level Insaniquarium is just about owning fish: decorative wet idiots who can't be trusted not to starve. Then you get a snail who helps you collect the coins your fish drop, and a swordfish who helps you fight off alien invaders who teleport inside your tank and will eat your fish unless you laser that alien to death. Insaniquarium takes the inane pleasantness of owning a fish tank and video gamifies the hell out of it.

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As far as submarine simulators go, Silent Hunter 3 , especially with mods, is as in-depth as they get. This is the game where people go for the full U-boat fantasy, playing without time compression so missions take literal days and they have to alter their sleeping patterns around it. If you yearn to fiddle with dials that let you adjust speeds down to the individual knot , then Silent Hunter 3 is for you.

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Grab some graphics mods to spruce up the era looks and dive into the simmiest sub sim that's ever simmed. Your nuclear sub will catch fire at some point, spring leaks, suddenly become radioactive.

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As much as any patrol or encounter, your mission is to keep the sub running, equipping crew and assigning them to emergency repairs and hoping they don't asphyxiate because you'll need them for the next inevitable emergency. May they all see Montana, one day. In Song of the Deep the ocean is a kids' book where hermit crabs have shops in their shells, a baby leviathan wants to be friends, and you pilot a homemade yellow submarine.

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It's not just for children, though. It's also a 2D metroidvania in the vein of Aquaria —undersea passages are blocked by water currents, or boulders, or a chubby pufferfish, and there are upgrades to defeat each obstacle. This is the sea from fairytales, everything better down where it's wetter, best played by parent and child together to enjoy the pretty backdrops and help each other past the harder puzzles and bosses.

Subnautica is about taming the ocean—an alien ocean admittedly—and learning how it can help you. You need synthetic rubber to make a pair of fins, so you find the vines whose seed clusters you need to craft rubber; you need more water so you grab a bladderfish as it swims past.

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Later Subnautica goes beyond basic stuff and you start constructing habitats, a network of breathing tubes, your own computers. You tame the sea and make a home that's also a farm and an aquarium, an octopus's garden of your own. They estimate that the as-yet-unnamed elasmosaur weighed between While some previously known Aristonectes have weighed about 11 tons or so, most other elasmosaurs only come in at around five tons.

Schulp has worked on some plesiosaurs from the Netherlands , but he says the aquatic reptiles are very different in the Southern Hemisphere. The new specimen is also very interesting because it dates so close to the end of the Cretaceous—just 30, years before the mass extinction event that wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs about 66 million years ago. A lot of marine life would have needed to thrive there to satisfy the appetite of such a large creature, so the fact that these animals continued to exist so late in the Cretaceous adds to the evidence that the aquatic world, at least, was doing just fine right up until the sudden mass extinction.

Would the dinosaurs have died out if not for that asteroid?

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  8. The different morphology of this species also shows that specialization was still happening at this late point in the existence of plesiosaurs. Schulp adds that the work moves our knowledge of plesiosaurs forward, and he is excited to see Argentine paleontologists go back out there and find more fossils.

    It was an adventure. The ton elasmosaur adds to evidence that a vibrant marine ecosystem existed just before the dinosaur mass extinction.

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    Read Caption. Fossil 'sea monster' found in Antarctica was the heaviest of its kind The ton elasmosaur adds to evidence that a vibrant marine ecosystem existed just before the dinosaur mass extinction. By Joshua Rapp Learn. Plesiosaurs While dinosaurs roamed the Earth, marine reptiles in the order Plesiosauria swam in our planet's prehistoric oceans. Find out which creatures belonged in this group, how they grew to incredible sizes, and how they've captivated both scientists and storytellers alike.