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Leave a comment. It was always ladies I fantasised about until I was about 22, when I made a friend who would introduce me to the world of adult discipline. To set the scene here, I was a young police officer.

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I met John, who was 59 and a retired teacher or so he told me. I had been schooled in Scotland and he had taught on both sides of the border. I met him as a result of a call to assist with some children that were causing a nuisance. He did ask me if I was disciplined at home and in school, and did I think I was better for it. The following day I called him and spoke nervously about the comment.

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Nervously I showed him the plastic bag and then its contents. John then went on to try to relax me, which was impossible. He told me he had friends who he spanked, and not to think I was unusual in any way. It had a desk with leather chair, a hard-backed chair in the corner, and a small cupboard on one wall.

He smiled and pulled the hard-backed chair out, told me to go over his lap and then he spanked me over my shorts for a while. I left that night disappointed, to be honest. The next time I visited, we chatted about it. I had brought my kit again. He asked me how it had been. I always felt as if I had been punished then. This caused my erection to stick out and be ignored by John.

I was then pulled over and I got the hardest spanking I could remember. That was the way it went for a few months until one day I turned up without my kit.

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He touched it and it stood even more erect. Records of the crime are then conveniently lost but a blind eye is turned as this reduces police paperwork and court [ A woman relates her account of punishment by a Chinese court. It is a Thursday. The air is warm but a very light rain is falling. Along with four other women and girls I am being [ Sophie trains as a Correction Officer, continuing the story By Steven It had been six months since Sophie had been given her caning at the correction centre.

She had taken the advice of the officers and applied for a job at the centre.

To her surprise she was offered the job immediately so now, to [ A pretty girl with dark collar length hair put her hand up and he went over. A military punishment from World War Two, resembling rumoured events that have been circulating for many years.

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By David Linnell This story though fictitious is based on real events that apparently took place in Aden in I was told this story by my aunt some years ago. She joined the WAAF in at [ There were riots [ An out of control party lands some girls and their mothers in trouble. Deputy Bewley is [ An adventurous trip to Africa goes wrong for one student.

By Joanna Jones Linda Fellowes was in shock. The awful reality of what had hit her was just beginning to sink in. A trip into the future finds a young official having to deal with a woman older than herself. By a new writer to us. It was […]. You might have started your trip with the thought that you would soon get it over and it would not hurt that much.

Tales from other boys about what the cane would be like if you had never had it before might have been a little bet too horrific, but you knew whilst waiting it was going to hurt, if you were under ten, the amount of fear could get to you. Bursting into tears even before any hit had come was often result, for many boys either the long wait or when you actually saw the cane, often meant that you wet yourself, do that in the headmasters office might result in sympathy and let off the punishment, but often a couple of extra strokes were added.

Returning to your form equally made you tremble, having to announce to your teacher where you had been and trying to not let the others see you had been in tears was difficult.

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Sitting in the form trying to do lessons was difficult, some masters would not bother you for the rest of the lesson, others would go out of their way to make you talk, asking why you had the cane, why were you crying, and just making your life hell. School punishment book page A page from a junior school punishment book from the period from the mid s to early s when it was decided to end the use of the cane at that school by the new Headteacher. Other crimes include. Continual disobedience, fighting, insolence, hitting other pupils, bullying girl.

How to keep a child in order at a junior school. Taken on July 15, Some rights reserved.