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Archived from the original on Retrieved New York Legislative History Sourcebook. New York State Library. New York Trial Notebook 6th ed. James Publishing. Horton Memorial Hospital , 66 N. Storms , A. Dimilia , Misc. West Legal Studies 6th ed.

New York Municipal Bans on Oil and Gas Drilling: Authorized by Home Rule or Preempted by State Law?

Cengage Learning. Retrieved 12 May Archived from the original on 21 August Retrieved 20 August University of Nebraska Press. The secretary of state shall publish annually local laws on the department of state website and in a separate volume as a supplement to the session laws, and shall publish at least annually on the department of state website a complete codification of all local laws in effect that have been adopted by the legislative body of each county.

The clerk, or other officer designated by the legislative body of each county, shall provide local laws to the secretary of state in a manner specified by the secretary of state to facilitate the publication requirements of this subdivision. The secretary of state shall have the authority to provide for the receipt and filing of local laws by electronic transmission.

Archived from the original on 28 April New York Daily News. Such a plan may allocate, by extrapolation or any other rational method, such latest statistical information to representation areas or units of local government, provided that any plan containing such an allocation shall have annexed thereto as an appendix, a detailed explanation of the allocation. Where a public hearing on a local law proposed to be adopted under this subparagraph is required, by subdivision five of section twenty of this chapter, to be held only before an elective chief executive officer, the legislative body shall not adopt such proposed local law until after a public hearing shall have been held thereon before it, on notice as provided in such subdivision five, in which event no public hearing thereon before such chief executive officer shall be required.

The local law may be so structured as to permit separate submission of the principle elements such as, multiple office holding as in clause b above, the use of multiple member or floterial districts in portions of the local government, and so forth of the plan and also may provide alternatives in the event one or more of these separate submissions is rejected by the electorate.

Notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions of any general or special law, or any local law, ordinance, resolution or city or county charter heretofore or hereafter adopted, no local government may restructure its local legislative body pursuant to provision of this chapter or any other provision of law more than once in each decade commencing with the year nineteen hundred seventy; provided, however, that this prohibition shall not prevent the periodic adjustment of the weight of the votes of representatives on the basis of current census, voter, or other valid information where an existing plan distributes the votes of representatives on such a basis.

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Unless authorized by other state statute this subparagraph shall not be deemed to authorize supersession of a state statute relating to 1 a special or improvement district or an improvement area, 2 creation or alteration of areas of taxation, 3 authorization or abolition of mandatory and permissive referendum or 4 town finances as provided in article eight of the town law; provided, however that nothing set forth herein shall preclude the transfer or assignment of functions, powers and duties from one town officer or employee to another town officer or employee, and provided, however, further that the powers of local legislation and appropriation shall be exercised by the local legislative body.

Every local government also shall have power to adopt and amend local laws where and to the extent that its legislative body has power to act by ordinance, resolution, rule or regulation.

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A grant of a specific power by this section to one or more local governments shall not operate to restrict the meaning of a general grant of power by this section to the same or any other local government or to exclude other powers comprehended in such general grant.

The enumeration of powers in this section is not intended to imply that any of such powers is not included within the power of a local government to adopt and amend local laws in relation to its property, affairs and government. The legislature ignored me at the time, but nine years later, the legislature took our advice. Last week, six New York voters filed a lawsuit against the state for failing to move […]. In the past year, Maryland, Delaware, and New York have all passed bills outlawing prison-based gerrymandering; similar bills are under consideration […].

New York to correct miscount of incarcerated people

The Maryland and New York laws are already in effect and have been upheld by the courts. Or, Kansas could pass a law like those in Maryland, New York, Delaware and California that performs a state-based adjustment to the redistricting data. But […]. But now, the Massachusetts legislature has the time to take concrete […]. And at that meeting, I shared that I knew of […]. As the resolution observes, …the simplest solution to the conflict […].

The transfer of Black and Latino incarcerated people to communities very different than their own is a nationwide problem.

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