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Uncompromising Honor

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Love, Honor & Cherish: The Trilogy

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Thanks to Radclyffe, the author, for a great ride. Apr 23, Cybil Maynard rated it it was amazing. It was difficult to read, at times, as I have grown to love Cam so much. To see her as the victim was difficult for me. I loved how Blair stepped up in the end, but the whole political positioning and personal vendetta angle was rough. I'm almost afraid to read the next installment, as it deals with a time that was extremely traumatic in my life, and which changed me forever. I enjoyed Georgia Beers' "96 hours" in that it dealt with the topic from afar, for the most part.

I can only hope that Ra It was difficult to read, at times, as I have grown to love Cam so much. I can only hope that Radclyffe treats the subject with all the delicate sensitivities that this tragedy deserves.

Having already read the introduction, I am cautiously optimistic. Dec 28, Katia M. Davis rated it liked it. This was ok. The story seemed to get lost at times amid the love making. Don't get me wrong, I like a decent sex scene as much as the next person, but not at the expense of the plot, and these girls seemed to be at it or wishing they were at it every five minutes.

The story did pick up the pace a bit towards and end and they got their HEA this was an incredibly sappy installment It was a very enjoyable read. I recommend this book. Once you start reading you can't really stop. It's still a very interesting setting and now that the relationship is more in the open, so is the potential story. Jul 19, Kristy Drexel rated it it was amazing. Book 3 was awesome, it had good build up and a heartfelt romance between the characters.

Aug 08, keyeda jackson rated it it was amazing. Loved it. Mar 22, Lo O'Neill rated it it was amazing Shelves: lesbian-fiction , books-i-loved , queer. Great series of books and well worth the time reading. Super star novel I thoroughly enjoy all the novels Radclyffe produces. Especially those with Blair and Cameron Looking forward to next one one the series. Sep 25, Lorraine Rusnack rated it it was amazing. I love the main characters in this series.

Uncompromising Honor

This should be interesting as the series progresses. May 12, Kaz Bland rated it it was amazing Shelves: lesbian. I read this ages ago in paperback. Thought I would read it again. It was as good as I remember.

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Oct 20, Jay Odon rated it it was amazing Shelves: action , lesbian-fiction , radclyffe , romance , mystery. After the "Loverboy" case comes to a close after a botched, yet successful, mission that brought the FBI headed by Agent Doyle, the Secret Service team protecting Blair, the local cops and pretty much every other branch of law enforcement available.

While Doyle insinuates that the mission went wrong because of Cam there are other things brewing close Book three of the Honor series by Radclyffe continues the story of Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the president's daughter Blair Powell. While Doyle insinuates that the mission went wrong because of Cam there are other things brewing close to the surface. Cam may be suspended until an independent committee can decide if she did anything wrong. With the pressures of the job, the guilt over the killed and wounded agents, and trying to keep her job and her relationship with Blair under wraps, Cam is near her breaking point.

As Blair is in San Francisco visiting, and keeping fairly safe away from her usual routine, she can't help worry about Cam, especially when she doesn't here from her when she knows that Cam should be out of meetings. Just as she is about to run away, Cam shows up and eases her pain.

See a Problem?

As they readjust to the team being together they plan to go back home to New York but as they arrive the reporters are all over them asking about the picture on the front page. Everyone is caught off guard with this info and soon found out that someone has been taking pictures not only of Cam but of Blair as well. Something is not right in the picture and as Cam and Blair, along with a select few agents, both FBI and secret service, dig deeper into this mess the more they find that it has very little to do with the job that Cam is doing, her relationship with Blair and even her past relationships.

This installment of the Honor series takes you on a ride that will elate you and madden you, and sometimes both at the same time. Professional and personal relationships are tested and strained. Cam is trying to hide what is going on with her and Blair feels like she doesn't belong with Cam because of the secrets. The "side" characters in the series really get brought into light, even the President and his right hand woman, as we learn more about their opinions, relationships, and their devotion to the job but most of all their loyalty to Cam and Blair.

Secrets, lies, and personal agendas spur this story. It sucks you in and won't let up until you are to the end and then you are like "oh crap I don't have the next book! Jul 11, Kimberly rated it really liked it.

SEAL’s Honor

It's another race for Cam and Blair. Although it's not a physical threat it is still a threat that may be the end of their relationship. A threat that gives them the strength to admit to themselves and those around them that their relationship is serious and that they are in love. Savard gets out of the hospital and she and Stark try to move forward with their feelings for one another. The seemingly endless threat to Blair puts this on hold and Savard is asked to help out.

Claire pops up again a It's another race for Cam and Blair. Claire pops up again and all I can say is I don't trust this chick.