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4 Creepy Visions of Hell From Real Near Death Experiences |

A Lone Survivor. Several of these titles have appeared on various bestseller lists, and most of them are still riding high. This is not a totally new phenomenon.

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Various survivors of near-death experiences have been publishing gnostic insights about the afterlife for at least two decades. The success of that book unleashed an onslaught of similar tales, nearly all of them with strong New Age and occult overtones.

So psychics and new-agers have been making hay with stories like these for at least two decades. What's different about the current crop of afterlife testimonies is that they are being eagerly sought and relentlessly cranked out by evangelical publishers. They are bought and devoured by millions who would describe themselves as born-again Bible-believing Christians.

Every book I have named in the above list comes from an ostensibly evangelical source. Many of them are old-guard mainstream ECPA publishers, not vanity presses or dilettantes from the charismatic fringe.

See a Problem?

These books are coming out with such frequency that it is virtually impossible to read and review them all. But that shouldn't even be necessary.

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No true evangelical ought to be tempted to give such tales any credence whatsoever, no matter how popular they become. One major, obvious problem is that these books don't even agree with one another. They give contradictory descriptions of heaven and thus cannot possibly have any cumulative long-term effect other than the sowing of confusion and doubt.