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Acupuncture treatment may be used to control the pain, reduce the inflammation, and relieve mechanical pressure on the bursa through targeted inhibition or cueing of specific muscles in the region. Bursitis is the inflammation of the sac that surrounds our major joints. These sacs are fluid filled and lubricate the joint space where loaded movement occurs. Irritation of the local structures is thought to be the cause. There are some opinions that weather changes affect this structure.

Acupuncture and related techniques are employed and very effective in reducing the localized stresses and reduce the inflammation. Pain that is unrelenting has many causes. The chronicity of a pain signal can become a cause in and of itself.

Neuro-Acupuncture Institute, dedicated to clinical training and treatment of neurological disorders

In the treatment of a chronic pain pattern acupuncture addresses both the underlying cause of the pain as well as the pain signal. This process and response are slower because of the interplay between the injury signal of the tissue and the central nervous system memory of that signal.

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This approach is also what gives acupuncture its successes in the treatment of these problems. Fibromyalgia is a noninflammatory disorder of the soft tissue. It is usually preceded by traumatic injury, acute illness or emotional trauma in which the normal recovery mechanisms do not operate properly. This results in pain, fatigue, sleep and digestive disorders. Acupuncture has been studied and found to be very effective in the treatment of fatigue, pain and sleep in this population.

It is also effective in the treatment of digestive disorders related to FMS. Some classify all headaches as variant forms of migraine. Nevertheless, the neuromuscular component is addressed by acupuncture effectively by deactivating reactive trigger points and muscle tension and easing the reactive tone of the nervous system. Treatment is directed at interrupting the trigger and cascade of symptoms that follows in the initial phase. Follow up sessions with extended intervals can place these headaches and migraine disorders in remission. Acupuncture can address inflammation and swelling both directly and indirectly.

Local needling at the site of inflammation engages the inflammatory agents directly through histamine released in the tissue. Once the cascade of chemical reactions thus triggered plays itself out over a few days , a net anti-inflammatory influence is realized, frequently accompanied by a decrease in swelling and pain from pre-treatment levels.

This latter process can be critical to resolving long-term, well established chronic inflammatory conditions. Inflammatory conditions, whether a tendonitis, regional muscular pattern, internal organ or joint presentation can be addressed by acupuncture. This, along with a general easing of reactivity in the peripheral nervous system, combine to aid in the resolution of inflammatory disorders. Muscle tension and dysfunction are addressed on a daily basis in the acupuncture clinic. Whether secondary to traumatic injury, overuse or ongoing stress, acupuncture has the ability to restore normal muscle tone and function.

Optimizing Exercise and Physical Activity in Older People

This is a process by which you deactivate unnatural muscle firing patterns that make movements awkward, inefficient and uncomfortable. These and other conditions are addressed by attempting to regulate central nervous system neuro-transmitters thereby affecting how nervous impulses travel through the various aspects of the nervous system. The affect of acupuncture is experienced early on in the treatment protocol and progresses slowly through the process.

Rheumatologic conditions range from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid arthritis and akylosing spondylitis. This covers a wide range of disorders affecting joints and soft tissue.

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Acupuncture is often coupled with medications such as Humera and Embrel which when taken decrease or arrest joint erosion. Acupuncture through its actions often allow for lower dosing of medication used in the treatment of rheumatologic conditions. The sciatic nerve is commonly subject to irritation in two places: first, at the roots of nerves exiting the spine in the lower back before they bundle together to form the sciatic nerve, and second, in the hip region where the sciatic nerve passes through a key structural balance point.

Licensed Acupuncturist Discusses Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for Neurological Conditions

Whether the inflammation results from deep spinal structures in the lower back pinching the nerve roots, or from deep rotator muscles of the hip most frequently the piriformis squeezing the nerve itself, symptoms may arise all down the length of the nerve pathway, from hip to foot. Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of this common disorder by releasing the structural restriction in the form of tight muscular patterns and reducing inflammatory agents in your system.

Shingles is the outbreak of the herpes zoster, the virus repsonsilbe for chicken pox, resulting in skin lesions, small fluid filled vesicles, and pain that transmits along the sensory nerve root from the spine never crossing the midline. In its more virulent forms it affects the eye and should be taken very seriously. Acupuncture, although most often referred to for shingles in the chronic state known as post herpetic neuralgia, can be used as an assistant therapy along with a prescribed anti-viral in the acute phase. Acupuncture can improve how we use our own structure.

The changes we make in response to treatment can equally influence both the pain and inflammation of injury states, as well as certain sports performance related parameters such as speed and power. As an athlete, you condition your body to improve muscle contraction force and reaction speed. These changes increase your performance potential. Actual improvements in athletic skill require changes in the timing and coordination of specific muscle contractions—hence, the need for technique drills.

However, athletes often acquire faulty recruitment patterns through lingering protective responses to old injuries and through the imperfection of their training techniques. Acupuncture has been employed for many years by the Chinese Olympic Teams in the training and performance regimens of their atheletes. In the past our associates have been at the US Olympic training facility for the Tae Kwon Do team and have treated various US Olympians in recovery as well as performance enhancement. This holds for acute injury with an abrupt onset as well as insidious inflammatory conditions.

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Acupuncture can facilitate this retraining. Acupuncture also plays a role in retraining the body after injury, to restore proper movement patterns. A popular sports injury is sprains and strains. Animal Welfare in Clinics.


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